The paintings of Monique Vater:
Looking more deeply
In the paintings of Monique Vater realistic depictions of lifelike nature are seen to change into formal abstractions and then into structural spiritual landscapes. Others, which at first sight appear to be an exact reflection of a concrete subject, are then revealed as a pure metaphor of emotions.

In Monique Vater's world of paintings, objects show themselves as symbols of the subconscious - her art has, therefore, always elements of self-discovery. In colour and in light.

The unusual appearance of her art has its roots in the oversensitive perception of the artist, who does not only experience her impulses from optical and rationally explicable facts, but from psychological or suppressed experiences which are searching for expression.

The movements of her hands and eyes are a further means to open her senses and to create an even more intensive analysis of our world as far as it can possibly be experienced by mankind. One can understand the world. Through her own movements Monique Vater becomes one with her object. In the process of changing the object into the subject an abstraction is somehow created which turns her paintings into symbols.

When we consider our own mortality, Monique Vater's paintings present us a positive view of what we may expect from life. They offer us a prospect, also a solution - give us confidence and the certainty that we may, in a greater context, be saved. To recognise and admit one's personal limits and possibilities is a message for oneself or for one's fellow men.

An access to the world - as Monique Vater says: Looking more deeply - breathing more deeply.

(Prof. Jens Freitag - Teo Industriedesign GmbH, Kassel)

(Translation: Marie-Pascale Devignon-Tripp,
                       Louise Ungruhe)

Curriculum vitae
Monique Vater The artist was born in Lyon, France, in 1942. We now write the year 1965. She goes to Berlin as one of the first German-French exchange students. In 1967 her marriage takes place in this self-same city.

She begins her studies of the Fine Arts with Klaus Müller-Rabe, a professor at the Academy of Arts in Berlin. Further stages in her career are Düsseldorf and Freiburg where she works together with various groups of artists and continues to expand her knowledge of painting techniques.

Educational trips to Asia and Latin America follow, which result in the portrayal of newly discovered light effects and colours.

Since 1996 she has been living in Wolfhagen and belonged to the group of artists around Helmut Pranz until 2001.

In 1999, the event "Geschichten-Workshop" (story/history/workshop) of the association DORF-eigen-Art (VILLAGE-own-Art) in Oelshausen was the reason for her to found, along with fellow artists, the group of painters named "EN-BLOC".

1996 „The way to yourself", Zehntscheune, Wolfhagen,
1997 „Equivalent", Sparkasse Kassel,
1997 „Exhibition", Stadthalle Bad Emstal,
1998 „Painting", Kasseler Sparkasse, Wolfhagen,
1999 „Labyrinth", Fenstergalerie Kernke, Oelshausen,
1999 „EN-BLOC 1999", Gemeindehaus, Oelshausen,
1999 „Interior figures", Dorfkirche, Oelshausen,
1999 „Nature and naturalness", Haus des Gastes,
2001 „Painting", Kleiderfabrik, Wolfhagen,
2001 „Impressions", Project 'Young art in old houses',
2002 „Landscape around me inside me", Wintershall AG,
2002 „Personal visions about nature", Café Restaurant am
              Herkules, Kassel
2004 „20 years french-german town twinning Baunatal
              et Vire", Stadthalle Baunatal
2004 „Turn the Hercule around", Forum artistique de Kassel,
              Markthalle Kassel
2004 „Running water", Journée du patrimoine au chateau
              de Wülmersen
2004 „Deep insight", Commerzbank am Königsplatz, Kassel
2005 "Contemplations", Luther Café in the steeple, Kassel
2005 "French Festival", Kultursommer Nordhessen, Kassel
2005 "Trees and wood", International group of artists, Lyon